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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 13/ Or Older
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First The Belchies
Voiced by Bobby Tisdale

Zeke is a student at Wagstaff Middle School who is on the wrestling team with Jimmy Jr. He first appeared in The Belchies and has since had a recurring appearance throughout the show.

Tina has a strong dislike towards Zeke, probably because Jimmy Jr. never pays attention to Tina when he is around. After Tina invited Jimmy Jr. to a treasure hunt at the abandoned Taffy Factory, he decided to invite Zeke, Andy, and Ollie as well. He seems to have an enjoyment for breaking empty bottles.

In Bad Tina, he appears again with Jimmy Jr. at Wagstaff Middle School when Tina sees a hole in the boys' locker room. He seems to have a liking towards Tammy, who seems to like Zeke the same way. In Broadcast Wagstaff School News, it is revealed that he is the "Mad Pooper" of the school. He explained that he did this in a way to help Tina create her news stories.

In Bob and Deliver, he appears once more in TIna's home-ec class which Bob is teaching as a substitute at the time.  He reluctantly participates in a class project by adding spices to a pot of some kind of food.  Bob tastes it and insists that it's amazing and that Zeke may have a natural talent.  Throughout the episode, Zeke's cooking skills are showcased as he works as the head chef in Bob's "home-ec-staurant."

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