Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Security Guard
Behind the scenes
First "Burgerboss"
Voiced by Robert Smigel

Yuli is a security guard who has been shown working at a different location in each episode he has appeared in.

In "Burgerboss" he is working at Family Funtime where he forbids Bob from entering without any kids.

In "Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting", he is shown working at Skating Roller Rink where he is sold Princess Little Piddles by Vanessa Jackson for $40, intending to give Princess Little Piddles as a present for his landlord because he's behind on rent. Louise points out that he could have given the $40 to his landlord rather than Princess Little Piddles.

In "Ex MachTina", he is shown working the night shift at Wagstaff School. Gene and Louise, using Tina's telepresence robot, convince him that they are a cyber security guard.


  • Is implied to be a pot smoker. ("Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting")
  • It is not known why he is seen in a different location in each episode, whether he works freelance, works for the places he is seen working at or is employed by a firm is not known.

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