Wagstaff School is where Louise, Gene, and Tina go to school. The school is an old two-story brick building. It first appeared in the pilot episode, "Human Flesh" as a flashback. The school was the sole setting for Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl. It appears to include grades 1-8 (or possibly K-8), as all three Belcher kids wouldn't be in the same school otherwise.

Known Students

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Unknown/students in ambiguous grades

Known Staff


  • Throughout the series the name of the school has occasionally been misspelled 'Waggstaff School'.
  • The school's mascot is the Wagstaff Whaler.
  • In "Gene It On", the school's colors appear to be blue and white with a yellow W. In "Mazel Tina", Tammy appeared wearing a cheerleader uniform with a W on it (indicating Wagstaff), but the colors are white and red.


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