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As another glorious year full of Belcher-ific hijinks and Bobfoolery comes to a close, we'd like to take a look back and remember some of your fan-favorite moments from season six. From Tina's possibly unhealthy obsession with butts, to Bob's cleverly phrased Burger of the Day puns, we'll miss our favorite animated family (anifamily?) this off season, but here's your chance to share your feels by voting for your own personal favorite characters, songs, running gags, and moments from this season.

UPDATE: The voting has closed and the winners have been announced. Thank you all for voting!

Favorite "Bob moment"

Bob sees Gayle naked Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Bob accidentally sees Gayle naked (29%)
RUNNER UP: Bob, glued to the toilet (27%)

Favorite "Linda moment"

Linda Crazy Eyes Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Crazy eyes Linda (29%)
RUNNER UP: Bride of Frankenstein (24%)

Favorite "Louise moment"

Louise Scared Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Louise finally gets scared (35%)
RUNNER UP: Grand theft bounce house (28%)

Favorite "Tina moment"

Tina riding Jericho Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Riding her imaginary horse, Jericho (29%)
RUNNER UP: Tina becomes a graffiti artist (25%)

Favorite "Gene moment"

Gene two butted goat Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Gene's two butted goat is real (38%)
RUNNER UP: Hula Gene (25%)

Favorite new character

Jericho Jean Shorts Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Tina's imaginary horse, Jericho (39%)
RUNNER UP: Bob's old friend, Warren (20%)

Best villain or antagonist

Nurse Liz Lice Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Nurse Liz (35%)
RUNNER UP: Dahlia (19%)

Best original song

Bad stuff bathroom Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom (45%)
RUNNER UP: Amor, Por Favor (18%)

Best Burger of the Day

Curry on my wayward bun Season 6 CCA

WINNER: Curry On My Wayward Bun Burger (36%)
RUNNER UP: Total Eclipse Of The Havarti Burger (23%)

Best Pest Control Truck

Sliding Truck

WINNER: Of mice and men who kill mice (27%)
RUNNER UP: Final pestination (24%)

Best Store Next Door

Protiki Store

WINNER: Don't stop bereaving grief counseling (36%)
RUNNER UP: Nice knockers elegant door knockers (24%)

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