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  • Naynay040802

    Okay so I saw this picture of Boyz 4 Now and the names were mislabeled. It said that Griffin was Allen and vice versa.

    So I edited it so the names were change so they were in the right place. I only did this cause if someone wanted to use this picture or something then it would have the right information. Before I post the picture I would like everyone that sees it to know that I don't have photo shop or anything. I am actually kinda bad a this but still. So I opened it up in paint and had to take out the letters than fill in all the colors (I had to do this to Allen and Griffin), and then put the names in the correct places then color those in.



    Its not great I know but please no hate I just wanted to fix it.

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  • Naynay040802

    So over the weekend I was looking for some cheap Bobs Burgers shirts. I found a few websites that I wanted to show you guys just in case you wanted one. The cheapest one I found was at Hot Topic for 14$ and its got all the characters on it and its very cool. The others are 20$ or more that I found online. I will put a picture of the one from Hot Topic and maybe a few from the other website. I will also link them.

    You cant really see it but it has the family on it and says Bobs Burgers [1]

    These are from Red Bubble [2]

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