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    The first in a series of Bob's Burgers comic books will be available for preorder next month. The writers and artists working on the show are also its contributors. The first book contains five strips: "Louise's Unsloved Mysteries", "Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction", "A Gene Belcher Original Musical", "Letters Written by Linda", and "Bob's Burgers of the Day". [The Hollywood Reporter]

    Edit: In addition, the first issue will have three covers -- the regular one, a cover depicting Gene as a giant Beefsquatch, and a blank cover for you or anyone to draw on. August 27 is now the release date: [1]

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    Fox released its new fall schedule at its annual upfront over the weekend, and Bob's Burgers will continue to air early Sunday evenings. This time around it's now at 7:30, sharing its time slot with The O.T. (And the occasional football overruns.)

    From the sounds of it, it could be Futurama again. But I thought more about it and it may not be as awful as it looks. There are some days NFL games are scheduled early on Sundays and, if it leads into Bob's Burgers (even a few minutes late), it could provide a much needed boost in the ratings. It could get preempted, of course. Still, Fox knows the show has a loyal fanbase and it's already received a new 22-episode order.

    Source: A.V. Club

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