• Cabutchikas

    Happy 53rd birthday, Molly Shannon, voice actress of Millie Frock.

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  • Cabutchikas

    New character ideas

    September 6, 2017 by Cabutchikas

    I got a perfect idea for all the new characters for new upcoming episodes of Bob's Burgers.

    1. Caerula (Latin for "dark blue") is a new transfer student for Tina's class. Unaware the people are outcasting her, she is actually a gentle girl with big taste of ponies. She doesn't likes boys because she have a "thing for Tina" because she likes Tina's zombie fiction. EPISODE DEBUT: "To Bob or Not Bob"

    2. Clarabella Southsweet Sr. and Jr. are the stage rivals of Linda and Lousie. Sr. is the main antagonist while Jr. is the anti-hero at the end, much to Sr.'s dismay. Sr. is the sister of Cynthia, which shocks Linda. EPISODE DEBUT: "Footloo-uise"

    3. Ms. Kentelli is a substitute teacher who bullied Tammy and Jocelyn because she believes "pretty blonde girls…

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  • Cabutchikas

    Favorite Character?

    August 5, 2014 by Cabutchikas

    My favorite character is Darryl because he's a little more scared while stuck in the fort on Halloween night.

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