• Asnow89

    Did you know that Bob's Burgers has the BEST burgers in town? We have a few "punderful" burger recipes that we hope can be a close second to the real thing. Celebrate the upcoming Season 6 premiere, which is on Sept. 27, by cooking up this Bob's Burgers inspired premiere party menu for a few friends while you watch!

    As Bob would say... Give your tongue a wild ride!

    Sweeeet Home, Alab--...I mean Avocado! That's how the song goes, right? Make the Burger of the Day- our punderful burger topped with cheese and avocado!

    Since it's Friday today, we HAD to serve up the Thank God it's Fried Egg Burger! A fried egg on top makes everything better... I think Bob would agree.

    Bob came up with the "I've Created a Muenster" burger after he was inspired by Fran…

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