Not to be confused with Curt

Bob's Burgers character
Upskirt kurt
Upskirt Kurt
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Occupation Seaplane flight instructor
Behind the scenes
First "Seaplane!"
Voiced by Will Forte

Upskirt Kurt is the seaplane flight instructor who teaches Linda Belcher how to fly a seaplane in "Seaplane!." His customers are usually bored housewives who want to have a break from their husbands. His trick is to fake an emergency landing by Quippiquisset Island, packs a picnic for them to share which he disguises as for him and his mother, serenade them and then eventually seduce them.


  • His plane is a 1968 Sweetnam Eagle named Shoshana that he rebuilt by hand.
  • Kurt is the second character in the series to be voiced by Will Forte after Mr. Grant.

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