Bob's Burgers character
Torpedo Jones
Torpedo Jones
Gender Male
Hair Dirty Blond
Age 44
Occupation Baseball player
Behind the scenes
First "Lobsterfest"
Voiced by Robert Ben Garant

Torpedo Jones is a baseball player who plays for the Wonder Wharf Wonderdogs baseball team. He is a hero to Bob Belcher. His first appearance in production order was in the episode "Torpedo". But "Lobsterfest" was broadcast first where he makes a crowd scene appearance.

Bob once witnessed his infamous pitch (the "split-finger skadootch") that happened fifteen years ago but he is now hitting rock bottom. After the game, Bob fails to find Mr. Fischoeder to get Gene in the race but instead, Gene asks Torpedo to participate which he agrees and befriends the family.

Bob and the family watches Gene's first race with Torpedo giving Gene advice and Bob gives Torpedo a burger. Gene wins the race, wins a gold medal and fails to promotes Bob's Burgers which Bob asks him to if Gene wins. Torpedo compliments the burger and tells the audience and other players to eat at Bob's Burgers after the game. Later at Bob's Burgers, Tina asks Torpedo for a job at the team in a way to butt-slap with the handsome players and gets hired but have to give Torpedo a burger at every game. Torpedo gives Bob a baseball and notices it has the grease from Bob's Burgers and reveals he has been cheating. When Linda forces everyone not to cheat, Bob tells Torpedo not to cheat but to try his best to win at baseball. However, Torpedo reveals that he cheated in every game including his famous pitch.


  • Is the same age as Bob Belcher which makes him 44.
  • Is implied to be polygamous as he mentions having families on the road and being "three good husbands".


Season 1

  • Lobsterfest (first appearance in broadcast order, non speaking cameo)
  • Torpedo (first appearance in production order)

Season 6