Running gags

Store Next Door

Serve Horses Store

A play on the phrase, “so-so”.

Pest Control Truck

Serve Horses Truck

A play on playground jingle denoting that someone’s underpants are visible.

Burger of the Day

"Do Fry For Me Argentina Burger"

  • A play on the song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from the musical Evita.
  • There are brackets but Bob obscures them in every shot.

"-zel Burger"

  • Not fully visible, implied to involve a pretzel bun.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer Squash Burger"

"Chili Wonka Burger"

  • A reference to the character Willy Wonka from the Roald Dahl book "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" and its two movie adaptions.

"Corned Identity Burger" (comes with corned beef)

    • A play on the first installment of the Jason Bourne Trilogy, The Bourne Identity.

"Tangled Up in Blueberry Burger" (comes with a blueberry compote)

    • A play on the Bob Dylan song, "Tangled Up in Blue."

"When Harry Met Salumi Burger"

  • A play on the movie, When Harry Met Sally.

End Credits Sequence

Serve Horses Credits

Characters including the Belcher Family, Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Andy and Ollie Pesto, Jack, Jack's son, Hugo and Ron slide along the aqua slide at Jack's birthday party.

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