Running gags

Store Next Door

Business Store

A play on the line "You Can't Handle the Truth" from A Few Good Men.

Pest Control Truck

Business Truck

A play on the singer Ethel Merman who famously sang "There's No Business Like Show Business", where this episode gets its title from. Also includes the line "Everything's coming up no pests" referencing "Everything's Coming up Roses", another song made famous by Merman.

Burger of the Day

"Garlic Shandling Burger"

  • A reference to late comedian Garry Shandling.

"Little Red Bruschett-a Burger"

  • A reference to the Prince song "Little Red Corvette."

"Walking in a Winter Comes-with-cran Burger (comes with cranberry sauce)"

  • A reference to the song "Winter Wonderland."

"Stilton on the Dock of the Bun Burger"

  • A reference to the Otis Redding song "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay."

End Credits Sequence

Business Credits

Standard Credit Sequence. Bob gives Louise the burger to put on the counter much earlier than usual then Mr. Business walks along a shelf before leaping on to Bob who then goes offscreen. Linda is seen eating cat food before she picks up the burger. Snoodle comes in carrying buns in his mouth, Louise takes them and places them on the prep station.

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