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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Carpenter/Handyman
Behind the scenes
First Human Flesh
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Teddy is a carpenter/handyman and one of Bob's few friends and is a frequent diner at the restaurant.


Teddy is known for telling long winded stories and being overly chatty. In Bed and Breakfast, Teddy reveals that he once had a "three way" (or at least watched a three way) in which his wife had sex with Ray, a man who dresses as a seal down at the amusement park. Because of this, Teddy's greatest fear is "the soulless eyes" of costumed characters. One of his relatives owned a speak-easy named Swanky's, originator of the mixed drink The Swanky Panky.

In The Belchies, Teddy tells Louise, Gene and Tina a story about the treasure under the abandoned Taffy Factory.
Teddy shark
Teddy being scared of the shark.
Naynay040802Added by Naynay040802
Although there was gold, Teddy thought the story was really just a joke. In Full Bars, he hosts a black and orange Halloween party which turns hilariously tragic when he finds Francis, his pet guinea pig, flattened and quite dead. In The Deepening, he has a major role in the episode when he has to confront Mr. Fischoeder's mechanical shark; the very same shark Teddy had worked with  while shooting a film several years earlier. In Topsy it is revealed that Teddy owns a large Van de Graaff generator, which he knows how to operate, but not very safely. Teddy, for one episode, was enemies with Louise because he occupies her room during his stay at the bed and breakfast. When Louise finds out his phobia of costumed characters, she orders several over the telephone, which drives him out.


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