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Bob's Burgers character
Tammy Larson
Gender Female
Hair Season 2: Brown

Season 3 and 4: Blonde

Age 13
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First Bad Tina
Voiced by Jenny Slate

Tammy Larson is a minor character who blackmailed Tina into becoming a "bad girl" in Bad Tina. When she is introduced to the school, Tina gives her a tour, and later on gets into trouble with the school and her parents from her bad influence.

When Tammy finds Tina's "erotic friend fiction", including Jimmy Jr. and Zeke, she decides to blackmail Tina into doing bad things. Tina gets grounded, and eventually tells Linda what happened. She encourages Tina to go to school and tell the erotic fiction, as Gene and Louise steal the real one back. Tina tells the fiction in front of the school, as she gets laughed at for being a freak. While Tammy is laughing at her, she starts to pass gas at a rapid speed, a problem she had earlier in the episode, and runs off due to the embarrassment. This makes everyone else forget about Tina's embarrassing fiction, while Jimmy Jr. found it slightly interesting.

Like many of the kids in the show, she attends Wagstaff School. She returns in Broadcast Wagstaff School News when she lands the role as the news anchor instead of Tina.


In the episode Bad Tina, Tammy has brown hair but then later makes it blonde in Broadcast Wagstaff School News.


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