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Bob's Burgers character
Tammy Larsen
Tammy Larsen
Gender Female
Hair Brown (natural)
Blonde (dyed)
Age 13
Occupation Student
Relatives Mrs. Larsen (mother)
Mr. Larsen (father)
Frida (aunt)
Behind the scenes
First "Bad Tina"
Voiced by Jenny Slate

Tammy Larsen is a character who attends Wagstaff School. Tina clings to the hope that she is her friend, despite several unfriendly things Tammy has done or said to her. She uses Tina and manipulates her more often than not.

She first appears in Bad Tina where she is a new student. Tina gives her a tour, and later on gets into trouble with the school and her parents from her bad influence. They later befriend.

When Tammy finds Tina's "erotic friend fiction", including Jimmy Jr. and Zeke, she decides to blackmail Tina into doing bad things. Tina gets grounded, and eventually tells Linda what happened. She encourages Tina to go to school and read the erotic fiction to her classmates, as Gene and Louise steal the real one back. Tina reads the fiction in front of the school, as she gets laughed at for being a freak. While Tammy is laughing at her, she starts to pass gas at a rapid speed, a problem she had earlier in the episode, and runs off due to the embarrassment. This makes everyone else forget about Tina's embarrassing fiction, while Jimmy Jr. found it slightly interesting.

She returns in Broadcast Wagstaff School News when she lands the role as the news anchor instead of Tina. She later attempts to frame Tina by claiming she is the 'mad pooper' she has been reporting on.


Tammy can be described by many as a typical mean girl. Transferring to Wagstaff School in Bad Tina, she begins to get the latter in trouble for skipping school, lying to her parents, shoplifting and drinking alcohol. When Tina refused to sneak out to the park with Tammy, she threatened to read her fanfiction in front of the entire school but was stopped by Gene and Louise. By the end of the episode she embarrasses herself by farting uncontrollably and runs off, making everyone forget about Tina's fanfiction. She also sabotages Tina's chances at making the Wagstaff School News anchor by telling her to talk slow, which she does and thus Tammy ends up being the anchor woman. She also wouldn't invite Tina to her Bar Mitzvah due to how "uncool" she was, making her frustrated. Nonetheless, Tina gets Bob to cater at her party but ends up stealing Tammy's spotlight after the latter is trapped along with Louise inside of the giant Tammy head. After seeing Tina doing the things she was supposed to do, she becomes furious and yells at her to stop but nobody can hear her. Tammy has also got into a fight with Tina over a bracelet and even in detention still blames her for 'copying her bracelet' as said by Jocelyn. She has a tendency to come up with insults for Tina and even treats her best friend Jocelyn horribly. As seen in a few episodes, Tammy either tells Jocelyn to shut up when she laughs at someone else's insult or makes her do everything for her. Despite Tammy's mean spirited and snobby nature, she is popular among the Wagstaff student body. She invited everyone to her Bar Mitzvah in Mazel Tina but this likely because of her reputation and many insecurities. Louise has even lashed out at Tammy over this while they were trapped inside the Tammy head and it's been hinted by some fans that Tammy is insecure and therefore takes it out on Tina for this reason. It is unknown why she chose her as a target rather than anyone else.


Tammy is usually seen wearing a pink shirt with the right sleeve pulled down to reveal her shoulder, black pants and blue shoes. She wears heavy green eyeshadow and pink lipgloss. In Mazel Tina, she wears a bright blue party dress with heels and silver jewelry. In The Runway Club, she wears a sparkly purple gel bracelet and models an outfit made of paper.


Tammy's natural hair color is brown which she is shown with in "Bad Tina" but in all later episodes, her hair is blonde. She and Tina both mention the change in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News" but it's not fully established until "Sit Me Baby One More Time" that she dyes her hair and that blonde isn't her natural color. She wears a purple headband to hide her "dirty roots" in that episode. Promo images from "Bad Tina" depict Tammy with blonde hair like in later episodes but it appears brown in the aired episode.


  • In Bad Tina, Andy and Ollie call Tammy a bathroom clown because of her makeup.
  • In Mazel Tina, it is revealed that Tammy is Jewish, though it's possible that she is only ethnically half-Jewish (most likely on her mother's side) as "Larsen" is not a traditionally Jewish name and is usually associated with Scandinavia.
  • Tammy has a couple of extracurricular activities including being on the cheer squad, and also being part of the the Wagstaff School News.
  • Tammy is a member of the Wagstaff Whalers cheerleading squad.
  • Tammy is in eighth grade as revealed in Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting.
  • Tammy farts when she is nervous.
  • Wears contact lenses ("Sleeping with the Frenemy")


  • "I was born lucky because I was born me and not you."
  • "Don't have a crap attack."
  • "Her pom-poms make me wanna vom-vom."
  • "Don't be such a boob punch."
  • "You're such a locker stalker."
  • "Don't be such a tattle-tampon."
  • "What do you maxi-sads want?"
  • "Anything that's not a dog is a cat to me."
  • "Don't be such a goody two boobs."
  • "That wasn't me." (whenever she farts in public)
  • "Ugh, Tina, you're being a smell-entine."
  • "You're like an unsalted pretzel."
  • "What's up, universal nerdcare."
  • "Why don't you nerds go have wizard babies?"
  • "You're totally lying, and lying is bad for your skin."
  • "Stop being a rhymin hymen."
  • "I feel that I hate Jocelyn because I'm the hot one and she's the not one."
  • "Yeah, don't get your boobs in a bunch."
  • "Geez, Tina, you're such a horse-ass-kiss-perer."
  • "Yeah, don't get your pubes in a tube."


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