Bob's Burgers character
Sylvester Stieblitz
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Relatives Regular Sized Rudy (son)
Mrs. Stieblitz (ex-wife)
Behind the scenes
First "The Kids Rob A Train"
Voiced by Brian Huskey

Sylvester Stieblitz is Rudolph Stieblitz's (Regular Sized Rudy's) father. He is divorced from Rudy's mother and has custody of him on weekends. He describes himself as a "middle-aged man who's just trying to get back out there."

He first appears in "The Kids Rob a Train" where he is seen with a woman called Mandy whom he made contact with on his E-Kiss (an online dating site) profile. He takes her on the Wine Train where it is later revealed that he had lied on his profile including his photo and failing to mention he had a son. He and Mandy later make up after a wine fight.

He next appears in "House of 1000 Bounces" where he is in charge of his son Rudy's birthday party. Louise suggests he goes after Sasha's aunt Caitlin as a distraction for the kids to steal the bounce house from Dahlia's party, which he does. After the heist, Caitlin doesn't show any interest in swapping numbers.



He looks extremely similar to his son, Rudy. He has orange receding hair, glasses and wears a yellow shirt and skinny jeans.


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