Bob's Burgers character
Stacy M
Stacy Micelli
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Unknown
Behind the scenes
First "Into the Mild"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Stacy Micelli is a friend of Gayle's from her second sophomore year at junior college. She once went on a trip to New York City with Gayle and Linda where Gayle believes she saw Delta Burke give her a wink and the finger guns. Linda, however, claims that it was her who Burke performed the gesture toward.

After arguing, the both call Stacy where she claims that the woman in question wasn't Delta Burke as she was speaking Italian, had a prosthetic leg, and that Burke was shooting a movie-of-the-week in California at the time. She also states that they argued about it for the rest of the trip, and then never spoke again.

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