Bob's Burgers character
Speedo Guy
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age 20s
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Speedo Guy is a character who has been seen in numerous episodes wearing nothing but a speedo and traveling on roller skates. His appearances are usually short cameos of him skating into the shot and then out again. He sometimes speaks in these cameos.

He first appears in "Human Flesh" where he skates into the cart which Mr. Caffrey's coffin is on and pushes it towards Bob's Burgers leading Linda to think it's her anniversary gift from Bob.

In "Bob Day Afternoon", he picks up the burgers that Bob prepared for Mickey which he dropped after the police opened fire.

In "Burgerboss", he suggests to Bob's that the Burgerboss arcade game which Linda had confiscated might be located at Family Funtime, which it is.

In "Lindapendent Woman", he appears commenting on the low cost of alcohol at Fresh Feed remarking that he wished he still drank suggesting that he doesn't but this is contradicted in "Speakeasy Rider" where he is shown ordering a bottle of Teddy's homebrew. Additionally, he appears to be drunk in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" when Bob drops him off from his taxi.

In "The Frond Files" during Louise's essay, The cyborg Mr. Frond from the future uses his speedo briefs and rollerskates to cover up his nudity until he finds the real Frond.

In "I Get Psy-chic Out of You", Linda has a psychic vision telling him to dry-clean his speedo but it ends up looking ridiculous.


He is usually depicted wearing a pair of purple lace-up roller skates with white stoppers on the front of them and a pink pair of speedo briefs. The only episode in which he isn't seen wearing both his skates and briefs is "Bob Fires the Kids" where he wears a towel to cover up his nudity and isn't wearing anything on his feet.


There have been some implications that Speedo Guy might be gay, given that he rides around on roller skates wearing nothing but pink speedo briefs. In "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?", he appears in Tina's kissing fantasy leaving behind a rainbow trail (akin to the gay pride flag). However, in "Bob Actually", he sets eyes on a woman dressed as a mermaid riding a unicycle and is later shown kissing her at the climax of the episode. It's also possible that he may be bi-sexual.


  • His real name is not known. He is often called Speedo Guy and Rollerskates Guy by many fans. He is officially called Speedo Guy by the show's staff. This is seen in a post promoting "Dawn of the Peck" from the writers' blog[1] and in the red notes on an animatic from a deleted scene from "The Gayle Tales".
  • Is a vegan. ("Dawn of the Peck")
  • Is a patient of Dr. Yap's. ("Art Crawl")
  • Does not drink alcohol
  • He smokes marijuana