Special Girl


Special Girl is a store retailing Special Girl dolls. In "The Laser-inth", Gretchen becomes a hairstylist at a store at OMG Mall. The dolls and store are a parody of the American Girl line of 18-inch dolls and their retail stores.

The store also has a restaurant called Cafe Dollisiouso where employees get an employee discount. Like the ones at their larger American Girl Place stores, have "dinner dolls" that sit with diners while they eat. The cafe also serves cinnamon buns complimentarily regardless of which meal or mealtime, also like the real American Girl cafes.


  • Their dolls come with a backstory, usually historic, again like American Girl dolls.
  • The store has a discontinuation policy of donating unsold stock to poor kids and shredding dinner dolls to be used for mat material in the store's play area.



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