Bob's Burgers character
Skip Marooch
Skip Marooch
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Restauranteur/Author
Behind the scenes
First "Best Burger"
Voiced by Kumail Nanjiani

Skip Marooch is a restauranteur and author who enters the Best Burger competition and wins in Best Burger. He is originally from Pakistan and has published a book called "From Pakistan to Burger Stand". Interested, Skip visits the restaurant to try Bob's black garlic burger at the end of the episode. Skip next appears in Glued, Where's My Bob? where he calls Bob from a helicopter while searching for exotic spices for his new book. He calls to tell Bob that a reporter from Coasters magazine coming to profile the restaurant. He later calls again to tell Bob that instead of Brian, a nice reporter who does the Hidden Gems segment of the magazine, they are sending Newton Fremont, a tougher critic, while he is riding an all terrain vehicle.


Season 5

Season 6


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