Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Less than 1 year
Relatives Mudflap (mother)
Critter (father)
Behind the scenes
First "Ear-sy Rider"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Sidecar is One Eyed Snakes local chapter president Critter and gang member Mudflap's baby son. He was conceived when Mudflap cheated on Horny Dave (Mudflap's lover and his assumed father) with Critter. He was born in Ear-sy Rider after Mudflap goes into labor at Bob's Burgers.

He later appears with his parents in Speakeasy Rider and Wag the Hog where Linda volunteers to babysit him while his usual babysitter, Candace is taking an exam. Linda takes him to Hot Totties where she poses as his mother to another mother, Bethany and names him Simon.


In Speakeasy Rider, he wears a green shirt and a diaper and has very light brown short hair. In Wag the Hog, he wears a short sleeved light blue onesie and has slightly longer hair styled in a mullet.


Before and after nap time he is mostly calm. He can be difficult to put down for a nap but if he doesn't nap he becomes violent, a trait inherited from his mother.


  • Sidecar is the first character to be born on the series, he was delivered by Tom Bush.
  • It is not known if he was genuinely named Sidecar or whether it is just a nickname.
  • He seems to like Linda and has even called her "Mama". (Wag the Hog)


Season 3

Season 5

Season 6


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