Bob's Burgers character
Sheldon Felds
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Former employee at The Hobby Hole
Behind the scenes
First "Li'l Hard Dad"
Voiced by Dana Snyder

Sheldon Felds is a model helicopter enthusiast who used to work at The Hobby Hole. In "Li'l Hard Dad", he sells Bob a faulty helicopter model from the film "True Lies".

Sheldon got fired from The Hobby Hole because he shot other employee, Terry, in the knee and attacked the other employees for being approached to stop eating other worker's food from the break room. After being fired Sheldon really got into customizing helicopters from The Hobby Hole like his Vanquisher-er and Sky-sassin-assin. After Gene makes an good point to Bob, Sheldon offers Bob a full refund and asks for his job back from Terry which he doesn't end up getting.

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