Bob's Burgers character
Shelby Schnabel
Shelby Schnabel
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Occupation Sharpshooter
Behind the scenes
First ""An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal""
Voiced by Lindsey Stoddart

Shelby Schnabel is a sharpshooter who was once in love with Mr. Fischoeder. She appears in An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal.

Mr Fischoeder mentions that she is the most famous sharpshooter since Annie Oakley. She left him for a married oil magnate, then left the oil magnate for a married movie magnate. Fischoeder calls her a "magnate magnet". Knowing that the best way to get her back would be by displaying his family thus giving her a home to wreck, he hires Linda and the Belcher kids to pose as his family and hire Bob Belcher as his cook.

The ruse works well until Bob comes out of the kitchen to do his thanksgiving toast after the family fail to show up in the kitchen. With the family refusing to drop the charade, Bob runs off with the turkey this leads to Shelby getting out her shotgun and pursuing Bob. After shooting at Bob from behind a closed door upstairs the family revert to referring to Bob as one of them. Linda then tells Shelby what Fischoeder did. She feels touched that he did all that for her but chooses not to begin seeing him again as she "respects herself too much to be the other woman".

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