Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student
Relatives Dahlia (cousin)
Caitlin (aunt)
Behind the scenes
First "Speakeasy Rider"
Voiced by Jon Daly

Sasha Whiteman is a King's Head Island resident.

He first appears in "Speakeasy Rider" as a member of the Kingshead Island Speeders go-kart team who recruit Tina to replace their usual driver Eddy who is in detention and to compete with Bryce in A-league go-karting.

He appears again in House of 1000 Bounces where he helps the kids steal the bounce house from his cousin Dahlia's birthday party for Regular Sized Rudy's birthday party.

In "Ain't Miss Debatin'", he is shown to be the top debater on his school's debate team and his last name is revealed to be Whiteman.


Tina describes Sasha as "tricky and preppy."

Sasha is shown to be very persuasive as he manages to get Tina to join his go-kart team and his aunt Caitlin to go after Regular Sized Rudy's father Sylvester. It is likely because of his persuasive nature that he is on his school's debate team. He also tries to get Tina close to Duncan whom she is freaky for so that Wagstaff might lose the debate. Even going as far as pulling the fire alarm at the hotel she is staying at so she would go out to the beach Duncan is bodysurfing.

He appears to hold a grudge against Tina after her helping Louise to win the Grand Prix caused the Speeders to lose.


Dahlia is his cousin whom he describes as "history's greatest monster." Dahlia's mother Caitlin is most likely his maternal aunt as his mother made him chaperone Dahlia's birthday party.

In "Ain't Miss Debatin'", he mentions an uncle who produces off-Broadway shows.


Sasha has blonde hair and tan skin. He wears a green shirt, cream shorts, and brown deck shoes. He is almost always seen wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses perched up on the top of his head, except for when he was wearing a headset, talking to Tina over the team's radio when he hung them on his team jacket. He has never been seen wearing them in a conventional fashion.


Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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