Bob's Burgers character
Sandy "Can-Can" Frye
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Former NFL player
Behind the scenes
First "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial"
Voiced by Jordan Peele

Sandy "Can-Can" Frye is a former NFL player who is trying his hand at acting. He appears in Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial where he is recommended by Teddy as a potential celebrity endorser for the Belchers commercial for the restaurant, the idea is rejected early on but after the original commercial fails he is drafted in.

He gets the nickname "Can-Can" from during his NFL days when he would sack a quarterback, he would celebrate by dancing the can-can. This is recycled into the final commercial where he and Bob dance and use the tagline "Because Bob's Burgers go great with Frye".

It is later discovered that he filmed a commercial for Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria after visiting there to eat some imaginative appetizers and told Jimmy Pesto about the commercial unaware of their rivalry. This results in a commercial that contains the same pun applied to Jimmy Pesto’s pizza.

Sandy is last seen at Jimmy Pesto's watching a commercial he also did for Tran's Noodles using the same tagline now incorporating Tran's Noodles. He comments about how he was in a lot of commercials that day.


  • On Fox's official press release for Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial his name is wrongly listed as 'Connie Frye'.[1]
  • His number while playing in the NFL for an unspecified team shown in the video Randy shows the Belchers was 74.