Not to be confused with Sally the snow cone lady

Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First "The Runway Club"
Voiced by Jenny Slate

Sally is a girl who appears in The Runway Club who attempts to sell Bob and Linda subscribtions to magazines so she could go to turtle camp. She speaks with a raspy voice and seems to be extremely socially awkward, as she rarely speaks with conviction and often struggles with words. When selling magazines, Sally recites her subscription-selling spiel with a nervous monotone.

Both Bob and Linda tell her that turtle camp is a scam and she tells this to Trish who is running the program, who comes to the restaurant demanding an apology. After Trish threatens to rip off the counter, Bob and Linda agree to subscribe to some magazines.

It is possible that Sally is autistic. The case for this is well founded due to her repeating of statements she had already said, her stuttering, her unwillingness to hug Linda (though this may just be due to Linda's flamboyance) and, most obviously, her monotone voice.

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