Bob's Burgers character
Roger Flanley
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation IRS agent
Behind the scenes
First "Aquaticism"
Voiced by Ken Marino

Roger Flanley is an IRS agent who investigates the Touch N' Sea Aquarium's claim for tax-exemption because they are a Church of Aquaticism. Judy and the Belcher children successfully convince him about the place being a church and also get him interested in becoming part of the church.

Louise later tells him that to become part of Aquaticism, he has to be submerged in the Jellyfish tank. He believes this and later attempts to get in the tank. While in shock from seeing him getting into the tank, Tina lets out that the aquarium is not a church and that they lied to get tax exemption status. Flanley then believes that the place is not a real church and so the jellyfish mustn't be real but then gets stung. Flanley chooses not to report Judy for tax fraud but later returns to the now closed aquarium to ask her out for coffee.

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