Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Pet Store employee
Behind the scenes
First "Eat, Spray, Linda"
Voiced by Larry Murphy ("Eat, Spray, Linda")
David Herman ("The Silence of the Louise")

Robert is an employee at an unnamed pet store down the street from Bob's Burgers.

He first appears in "Eat, Spray, Linda" where he is shown to know Louise well from previous visits with Linda. He often gives her a puppy called Colonel Fluffles to play with.

He appears again in "The Silence of the Louise" where he is now voiced by David Herman. He comes to recycle inspirational posters for hamster cage bedding from Yours Truly Stationery after Teddy and Janine dissolve their partnership. After Teddy and Janine re-establish their partnership, he suggests a pet-themed inspirational poster. A hamster on a wheel saying, "I'm wheely excited." Janine loves the idea but Teddy tells him to "get out."

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