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Bob's Burgers character
Rudolph Stieblitz (Regular Sized Rudy)
Gender Male
Hair Ginger
Age 10
Occupation Student at Wagstaff School
Relatives Sylvester Stieblitz (father)
Unnamed mother
Behind the scenes
First "Carpe Museum"
Voiced by Brian Huskey
Fun hurts my lungs
— Regular Sized Rudy

Rudolph Stieblitz is a student at Wagstaff School. He is more frequently known as either Regular Sized Rudy or just Rudy. He first appeared in Carpe Museum as Louise's assigned field trip buddy, followed by The Unnatural, where he took part in Diamond Deuces's baseball camp along with Gene, The Pesto twins, and others. Rudy has appeared regularly throughout Season 4 and onwards.


Rudy has light, ginger hair that he wears very short. He wears a light navy blue shirt, with red shorts, white tube socks, and brown shoes. Fans have speculated whether or not Rudy's appearance is based on Bobby Hill from Mike Judge's TV series King of the Hill, as the two share similar characteristics.


Rudy has a number of health problems including asthma which was initially misdiagnosed as "having a bad attitude" (Lice Things Are Lice). His asthma is so severe that he needs to use an inhaler every two hours, otherwise he could die. Rudy enjoys physical activities that are generally unhealthy for asthmatic people, such as sports. These frequently leave him wheezing and suffering, as much as he enjoys them. He is allergic to chocolate, which causes a rash on his back. He is also allergic to geese and ducks for which he requires an EpiPen for. Despite his health problems, he is generally positive and upbeat, as he enjoys being included in things.


Rudy's parents are divorced and share joint custody with his father having him on weekends.

His father, Sylvester, is a self-described "middle-aged" man who's trying to get back out there." His mother is yet to be seen but as Rudy describes in "Carpe Museum", she hates fun and is seemingly overprotective of Rudy, barely allowing him to go on the field trip to the museum.


  • Rudy's nickname was devised to distinguish him from Pocket Sized Rudy, a shorter student at Wagstaff School.
  • He is left-handed. He wears his wristwatch on his right wrist (a common practice for left-handed people) in The Kids Rob a Train, and plays the drum kit left-handed in The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee.
  • He plays the cymbals in the school orchestra. He carries a pair in his backpack in case somebody wants to jam with him (Carpe Museum). He also plays the drums as well as the cymbals as a member of Itty Bitty Ditty Committee in The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee.
  • He is a hall monitor at Wagstaff School. His rank is a hall minnow.
  • He wins the annual Halloween costume contest in Teen-a Witch dressed as mime Marcel Marceau.
  • He is very good friends with Louise and had his very first kiss with her.


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