Bob's Burgers character
Matthew Dainko
Matthew Dainko
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Ranger
Behind the scenes
First "Uncle Teddy"
Voiced by David Herman

Ranger Matthew Dainko is a ranger who arrests Tina in Uncle Teddy after she trespasses the lighthouse after Jonas and his friends desert her. He releases her after he realizes that Teddy, who is babysitting her and her siblings, is incompetent of signing the form needed to bail her out.

He appears again in House of 1000 Bounces where he takes the guests of Regular Sized Rudy's ninth birthday party into custody after stealing the bounce house at Dahlia's birthday party and for stealing his duct tape.


  • Is very uptight over the terminology of the ranger station and ranger station jail, he will not accept the station being called a police station or the ranger jail being called teen ranger jail.
  • Possibly a smoker as he has a cigarette on hand to use as a prop in Rudy's spoon puppet play.


Season 4

Season 6

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