Bob's Burgers character
Principal Spoors
Gender Male
Occupation Principal at Wagstaff School
Behind the scenes
First "The Runway Club"

Principal Spoors is the principal at Wagstaff School. The character is quite mysterious as his face has never been shown and has only made one physical appearance in the series.

He is first mentioned in Broadcast Wagstaff School News when Louise mentions that she has incriminating pictures of him because she drew incriminating pictures of him. Later in the episode Tina gets sent to his office after being framed for her being the mad pooper, but he is in the anti-smoking assembly so Ms. Schnur watches over her only to get distracted. When Tina looks over the crowd in the assembly he is nowhere to be seen as all adults seen attending are already seen characters.


Principal Spoors as seen from the neck down in "The Runway Club."

His office has only been seen in The Frond Files but this is considered non-canonical so his office has never been seen in the series canon.

In Midday Run, he is not seen because he is taking a nap in his car.

In The Runway Club, Mr. Frond speaks to him on his cellphone over his scared fabulous fashion therapy which he hates. He is finally seen from the neck down at the end of the episode getting out of his car when arriving back at the school to see Mr. Frond about his methods.

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