Pinkeye louise

Pinkeye is one of Gayle's 3 pet cats that reside with her at her studio apartment, the other two being Mr. Business and Jean Paw'd Van Damme. He first appears in Turkey in a Can.


Pinkeye is a fully orange short-haired cat with green eyes. He is approximately the same size as Jean Paw'd Van Damme.


  • Bob attempts to potty-train him while sleepwalking on allergy medication in Turkey in a Can, believing him to be baby Gene the same way he thought the turkeys were baby Tina.
  • Eats the first turkey in Turkey in a Can
  • May have been Gayle's first cat as Bob claims that Gayle previously had only one cat and while Jean Paw'd Van Damme was the first to be seen in Boyz 4 Now, in that episode Tina says that Gayle pepper sprayed "one of" her cats, implying she had at least 2. This leaves it ambiguous as to whether he or Jean Paw'd Van Damme was actually the first cat.
  • Is given to Gene to switch out his Pretty Paws (colored claw caps); Louise asks Gene to trade (considering the cat she's given, Mr. Business, to be the "worst one"), but Gene refuses to trade. This may imply that Pinkeye is the most docile of Gayle's cats.
  • Is concerned about Mr. Business being trapped in a box in Gayle Makin' Bob Sled, but Bob assures him that Mr. Business is fine.
  • Due to Jean Paw'd Van Damme not appearing in Gayle Makin' Bob Sled, the two of them are tied for number of onscreen appearances.


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