Bob's Burgers character
Phil Finnegan
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Co-announcer at Wonder Wharf Baseball Park
Behind the scenes
First "Torpedo"
Voiced by Eric Wareheim

Phil Finnegan is an announcer at Wonder Wharf Baseball Park. He works alongside co-announcer Burt Dellalucci.


Unlike his co-announcer Burt, Phil isn't very animated. He often reads the newspaper while Burt is doing his antics on the mic.


  • Unlike his co-announcer, he doesn't make a cameo in Lobsterfest like many other characters featured in Season 1.
  • Phil is voiced by Eric Wareheim. Wareheim's comedy partner Tim Heidecker voices Phil's co-announcer Burt.
  • His last name is never mentioned in any dialog but it appears on the end credits.

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