The One Eyed Snakes logo

The One Eyed Snakes are a motorcycle club. A local chapter of the gang are good friends with the Belcher family.

In Ear-sy Rider the chapter attends their fallen former president's wake at It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, while drinking outside they notice that Bob serves beer and decide to visit. While there they help Louise get revenge on Logan which results in her getting her rabbit ear hat back. Their antics enrage the townspeople including Logan's parents Cynthia and Tom and Edith Cranwinkle. A fight almost breaks out but is halted when pregnant member Mudflap goes into labor. After Tom delivers the baby and Cynthia gives back member Critter's ripped up jacket to use as a blanket, they are at peace and Bob gives a speech about the importance of a having good neighbors.

They appear again in Speakeasy Rider where they help the kids build their 'go-kart'.

In Wag the Hog, Bobs asks them to repair Critter's bike so he can sell it to Kenny but they refuse as Critter hasn't talked to them in weeks as he was taking care of his family but Bob convinces them to be more tolerant with Critter's situation and they repair Critter's bike.


There is a total of 18 members of the chapter who appear in "Ear-sy Rider", many members featured in the episode also make follow-up appearances in "Speakeasy Rider" and "Wag the Hog."

Named members include;

Horny Dave

Horny Dave

Horny Dave's mugshot photos as displayed at his wake

Horny Dave is the chapters deceased former president, the gang show up at It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium to attend his wake in "Ear-sy Rider." He was killed when his motorcycle collided with a semi-trailer truck.


  • Their name is also a common euphemism for a penis, this is also represented in their logo which is literally a snake with one eye that is phallic in appearance.
  • An iron-on patch of their logo was included in the deluxe box set of The Bob's Burgers Music Album.