Bob's Burgers character
Olsen Benner
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Reporter
Behind the scenes
First "Bob Day Afternoon"
Voiced by Pamela Adlon

Olsen Benner is a reporter for Channel 6 News who first appears in "Bob Day Afternoon", reporting on the hostage situation at First Oceanside Savings Bank. She is later seen reporting on other events later in the series including the mechanical shark incident on Ocean Avenue in "The Deepening" and the town's turkey trot massacre in "Dawn of the Peck."

In some of her appearances, she is only seen reporting on TV. In other episodes, she is shown reporting from the event and sometimes both.


In seasons 2 and 3, she wears a predominantly blue outfit but starting with Season 4 it is now pink.


  • Her name is a combination of the last names of staff writers Mike Olsen and Mike Benner.
  • All her lines on the show have come from when she is reporting, she's never been shown talking off camera.


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