OMG Mall is a shopping mall that is often visited by the characters in Bob's Burgers. It first appears in "Bad Tina" where Tina, Tammy, Jimmy, Jr. and Zeke while cutting class. The mall is the main setting for the episode, "Nice-Capades" where the kids stage their Nice Capades show there in an effort to convince an actor portraying Santa that they're nice.

Known Tennants

  • Jean on Me
  • The Flannel Islands
  • Shirts That Say Stuff
  • Shorts Illustrated
  • Crop Tops for Pops
  • The Fudge-itive
  • Ornamentary People
  • Purse Jackie
  • Family Jewels
  • Electric Heels
  • Pasty Ray's Tanning Salon
  • Special Girl


During the holidays, there is an opportunity to meet Santa and an indoor ice rink named "The Rinky Dink", named after Calvin Fischoeder's 'dink'.