Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Planetarium employee
Behind the scenes
First "The Laser-inth"
Voiced by Wyatt Cenac

Nick works at the planetarium seen in "The Laser-inth" where he runs a concessions stand. He aids Bob and Gene in attempting to re-enter the planetarium after Gene changes his mind about going home following his bad first experience seeing the General Inzanity by Zentipede laser show.

Bob and Gene are directed to his stand by a scalper via a direct phone line. The scalper tells them that there are two guys called Nick running the stand, a "cool" one and an "uncool" one and to say the pass phrase, "The moons of Uranus are on fire." Nick later explains that he tells the scalper he is two different employees over the phone just to mess with him, as his job is very boring.

Nick gets Bob and Gene in after meeting them around the back of the building 3 minutes later and after Gene distracts the guard by throwing a discarded model of former planet Pluto out of a dumpster leading it to roll toward the employee parking lot, similar to the narrative of the Zentipede song, "Let My People Rock, Part One." After doing so, he charges Bob $20 on top of the $25 he paid the scalper earlier.