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Bob's Burgers character
Ms. Schnur
Ms. Schnur
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Occupation Secretary
Relatives Nathan (nephew)
Behind the scenes
First "Broadcast Wagstaff School News"
Voiced by Sarah Silverman

Ms. Schnur is Principal Spoors' secretary at Wagstaff School. She is voiced by Sarah Silverman.


When with a student waiting to see the principal she watches over them, but she almost always gets distracted when she does so. In Broadcast Wagstaff School News, Louise distracts her by describing her car being towed away, In The Frond Files, Gene distracts her by saying there's a Brendan Fraser DVD sitting in a bush outside the school and in Midday Run, Gene and Louise distract her by saying that Penny Marshall is outside and looking for a new best friend. Allowing the kids to escape adds to Spoors' anonymity.

In The Runway Club, her role is changed significantly as Mr. Frond makes her a judge for his fashion contest.



Ms. Schnur's nephew, Nathan

  • She drives a high-mileage smallish car with a bumper sticker that says "My other car's a cat", which strongly implies that she has a pet cat.
  • She does martial arts and has a seven foot wingspan.
  • Her shirt changes color depending on the episode. It's blue in Broadcast Wagstaff School News, The Frond Files, The Runway Club and on the credits to Glued, Where's My Bob?, but it's red in Topsy and Midday Run.
  • Enrique, her Chinese delivery guy, is very forward with her.
  • Likes the movies of Brendan Fraser and David Schwimmer.
  • Keeps photos of her nephew through the years, Nathan on her desk.


Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

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