Bob's Burgers character
Ms Jacobson-1
Ms. Jacobson
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Teacher at Wagstaff School
Behind the scenes
First "Bad Tina"
Voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky

Ms. Jacobson is a teacher at Wagstaff School, she is usually seen teaching Tina's class which often includes Jimmy Jr., Zeke, Tammy and Jocelyn.

In Bad Tina she is included in Tina's erotic friend fiction entitled 'Buttloose'. Tina describes Mr. Frond as touching her butt.

In Broadcast Wagstaff School News she escorts Tina to the principal's office after Tina is framed for being the "Mad Pooper".

In Two for Tina she oversees Wagstaff's school dance which Bob and Linda attend.

In Li'l Hard Dad, Tina is giving a presentation in her class for Call of the Wild where Ms. Jacobson says that she nails all of the themes of the book.


Ms. Jacobson has black hair. In both her 2ASA production season appearances (Bad Tina and Broadcast Wagstaff School News), she wears a light green shirt and an olive green skirt. From the 3ASA production season onwards (starting with Two for Tina), she wears a yellow shirt and a red skirt similar in color to Ms. LaBonz's dress. Bob comments on Ms. Jacobson's appearance, saying that she is "ridiculously attractive".


She is voiced by the show's New York production coordinator and former Home Movies star Melissa Bardin Galsky. She is named after one of the shows writers Scott Jacobson.


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