Bob's Burgers character
Mr. Manoogian
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Owner of "Sand Flea Motel"
Behind the scenes
First "The Unnatural"
Voiced by Jason Mantzoukas

Mr. Manoogian is the owner and operator of the Sand Flea Motel. He and the motel appear as the Prince of Persuasia (known as "The Deuce" for this episode) argues with him over his bill at the motel. He later takes part in Gene's pitch to prove that "The Deuce" is a fake which backfires.


  • Andy and Ollie Pesto appear to know him, likely because their father likes to visit the motel for his 'afternoon naps.'
  • His last name ending with -ian suggests that he might be of Armenian descent. He is named after producer Seranie Manoogian who from the 7ASA production season on works as an associate producer on the show.

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