Bob's Burgers character
Mr. Dowling
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Manager at First Oceanside Savings Bank
Behind the scenes
First "Bob Day Afternoon"
Voiced by Craig Anton

Mr. Dowling is the manager at First Oceanside Savings Bank.


He does not value Bob as a customer of the bank. He initially refuses any of Bob's requests for loans, withdrawals or to cash in checks due to his "low credit" score which is something of an "inside joke" at the bank. Not only does he not value Bob as a customer of the bank, but he is directly responsible for Bob's bank account becoming an "inside joke" at the bank and encouraging it with the other employees at the bank. In Bob Day Afternoon he refuses Bob's request for a loan but later reconsiders after viewing Bob's heroism during the hostage situation only for a dye pack planted in Bob's rear trouser pocket to explode which results in him losing faith in Bob again.

In Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial he compares Bob's savings account to another more valued customer's right in from of him, he is not very supportive towards Bob withdrawing $3,000 for a Superbowl commercial. In Pro Tiki/Con Tiki, he is very cynical of Warren Fitzgerald's check for $100,000 to the point where he attempts to have Bob forcibly removed by a security guard and even calls Warren to repeatedly ask him as to whether the check he writes for Bob is genuine even going as far as to asking whether it was a lapse of judgement or serious head injury.



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