Bob's Burgers character
Mr. Davis
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Works for a company
Relatives Mrs. Davis (wife)
Krissy Davis (daughter)
Behind the scenes
First "Bye Bye Boo Boo"
Voiced by Larry Murphy

Mr. Davis is Krissy Davis's father. He is a member of her Boyz4Now fan club/Boo Crew.


  • Favorite member of Boyz4Now depends on his mood, usually it's Matt but in dark times it is Griffin.
  • Although an active member of Krissy's fan club/Boo Crew, he doesn't ride the Scream-I-Cane with the girls at Wonder Wharf. He does however get many of Krissy's sign-ups that were required to win the contest through everyone working at his company.
  • He and Robin are the only male members in Krissy's fan club.

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