Bob's Burgers character
Mr Branca
Mr. Branca
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Occupation Custodian at Wagstaff School

President (formerly)

Behind the scenes
First "Broadcast Wagstaff School News"
Voiced by David Herman

Mr. Branca is a custodian at Wagstaff School. He is an immigrant of unspecified origin.

He first appears in Broadcast Wagstaff School News where he befriends Tina over the "Mad Pooper" case.

He seems to have a soft spot for the students at the school, and has shown himself to be willing to bend the rules to make them happy. He chooses the kids' "scared fabulous" entry over Mr. Frond's to get them out of detention early in The Runway Club and allows Tina and Gene to slip notes for Louise under the door he was guarding in Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda.


  • In his home country, he was President before a Coup d'état occurred.
  • Possibly an alcoholic, Gene refers to his mop bucket being full of beer in The Gene and Courtney Show without any clear explanation and attends the teacher's Martini Tuesday parties.
  • Hides his own personal toilet paper in the school. ("The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets")


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