Customized caskets and urns, that's our specialty
— Mort
Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Grey (wears a brown toupée)
Age 44
Occupation Mortician
Relatives Mother
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Last "TBA"
Voiced by Andy Kindler

Mort is a local funeral director and owner of It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, next door to Bob's Burgers, and is one of the main characters of the titular show. He's been Bob's friend for years and helps him out whenever he can.

He made his first appearance in "Human Flesh" and has been a regular visitor of the diner ever since. In "Hamburger Dinner Theater", he helps Linda with her show by acting as the first victim and uses fake (possibly real) organs from his funeral home to make the show entertaining but ends up giving the audience a heart attack. Mort has a major role in "Weekend at Mort's" when he has the Belcher family stay at his apartment above the funeral home while their restaurant is being fumigated.

In "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks", he offers to drive the Belcher family members around while their car is being repaired. He soon regrets ever making that offer when Gene and Louise take advantage of him with their outlandish behavior which include mooning a police escort and disrupting an open house. He conducts a biker-themed funeral service for the One Eyed Snakes motorcycle gang leader Horny Dave in "Ear-sy Rider" and in "The Deepening", he's an integral part of the whole mechanical shark experience from its beginning (he gives a dreadful pun-filled speech at the shark's unveiling) to the final moments (he narrowly escapes being the shark's last meal) of its violent and destructive end.

Oftentimes, Mort's participation in an episode is very brief. He may have no more than a sentence or two and frequently his part has no dialogue at all. For example, in "Synchronized Swimming", his entire screen time consists of sitting at the counter and telling Bob that his burger is burning. In "Food Truckin'", he prevents Teddy from throwing a brick through the restaurant's window in a very short, dialogue-free scene and in "Moody Foodie", he is part of the group reading the restaurant's review and also part of the group watching the movie Tin Cup near the end of the episode.

Mort's name and profession is an in-joke, as the word "mort" is Latin and French for the word "death", which is central to Mort's job as a funeral director, or "mortician". It could also be short for Mortimer which is what Louise calls him in one scene in "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks".


Mort wears a black unbuttoned tuxedo with a white shirt and purple tie. He wears a toupée to hide his male pattern baldness which he has been seen without only once in "My Fuzzy Valentine".



Mort removes his toupée in My Fuzzy Valentine

Mort is a nice, loyal friend, and while he would rarely volunteer for a dangerous or strange adventure, he will not refuse or resist if invited by Teddy or Bob. While eccentric in his own way, he is one of the more sensible and low-key characters in Bob's social circle, often holding back his friends (especially Teddy) from ill thought out, instinctive actions. Mort often tries to mix up his life and bring excitement to it, for example providing a deceased biker gang boss with a funeral service and wearing ill-fitting leather pants to try and accommodate them, and attempting an ill-fated venture into stand-up comedy.

Despite the stereotype of his profession, Mort the mortician is not a morbid or sinister man by any means. He is fond of the Wonder Wharf because the first body he worked on (a small Italian man who'd been strangled) was found under it, and politely rejects the stereotype of morgues being quiet places to work on. He also drives a hearse as his personal vehicle.


Mort is seen with his mother in "Burger War" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins". In "The Hauntening", it is revealed that the haunted house the Belcher family used to try scare Louise belongs to her and is described as "old and creepy" and "nicely decorated". It is not known who is/was Mort's father but his mother is now dating a man named Arthur.



It seems that Mort's role in the show has decreased over the seasons, This is proven as he was only in 5 out of the 22 episodes in Season 4 and Mort has been in only 8 episodes out of the 21 episodes in Season 5, while back in Season 1 and 2 he was in almost every episode.

Season 1

Human Flesh

Human flesh was the first episode of bobs burgers and Morts first appearance he orders a burger from Bob which seems to consist of lettuce tomato and a patty bob says that mort has rung in his order. When gene gets to the crematorium a sign can be seen which says none of your loved ones used a food mort pulls gene inside and takes him down to the morgue which is downstairs in which there is a candy coffin, a blue and gold coffin and a Egyptian style sarcophagus. Mort says that custom runs and coffins are his specialty and hen explains to gene that the candy coffin contains the body of Mr Cafrey of the Cafrey taffy company (play on cabury) he also says that he's being picked up that afternoon. He goes upstairs to get more condiments for his burger which leads to gene pressing a button and the body going onto the sidewalk. After kinda mistook it for bobs aniversry present a angry mob formed in front of bobs burgers. Mort comes over to talk to the mob and they boo him bob says he's one of them and been there forever hen mort says every since he was run out of bogg harbour to which bob asks him why and he says selling meat to the restaurants however this is revealed to be joke (at least the selling meat part) bob says the subject of death makes everyone but Mort uncomfortable and tries to give a speech this however backfire and the three (bob mort and Linda) are helpless as a woman throws a snowglobe which shatters bobs window. After finding no human meat in the burgers it's never mentioned again so Morts must have been cleared

Sacred Cow

Non speaking cameo for a few frames at the end of the episode when bob is announcing his 100,000th burger he is seen siting in a both across from a lady with short dark drown hair and a purple top but then he changes to another guy in the next shot

Sexy Dance Fighting

Non speaking appearance he is seen eating a burger and listening to Teddy and Bob talk about Tina getting her yellow cord, bob decides to go and he is made to leave without finishing his burger and fries

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


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