Bob's Burgers character
Moodie Foodie
Moody Foodie
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Food critic
Behind the scenes
First "Moody Foodie"
Voiced by Patton Oswalt

Moody Foodie is a character in Bob's Burgers. He appears in the episode of the same name, and is voiced by Patton Oswalt. He is the third character to star in an episode titled solely on his name. He is a food critic who is renowned for giving very harsh reviews to restaurants which often lead to closures, such as Pepe's restaurant, "Pepe's Tacos".

He often disguises himself when visiting a restaurant to avoid being identified. His disguises include a construction worker, E.R. doctor and a park ranger. But he always wipes his hands with a blue handkerchief before eating which is how Bob identifies him whilst disguised as a Hasidic Jew in Bob's Burgers.

When Moody Foodie gives the restaurant a harsh review, Bob decides to give him another chance to try his burger taking advice from Tina. While there, Bob captures and holds him hostage in his own home. After the Belchers, Reggie, Tran and Pepe leave he eats the burger Bob had brought over while phoning the police, and because it was so good he failed to responded to the receivers questions on the other end of the line.


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