Bob's Burgers character
Michael Carlish
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 9+
Occupation Student at Wagstaff School
Behind the scenes
First "Art Crawl (as Devin McJimsey)"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Michael Carlish is a student at Wagstaff School.

His appearance is identical to Devin McJimsey, a child who Louise ropes in to paint touristy-crap during Art Crawl in Art Crawl. Except he wears different clothing.

In Bob and Deliver, Hildy, the lunchlady asks him where the other students are at lunchtime. He sheepishly responds that their at the home-ecstaurant. His sheepish delivery of the next sentence forces her to grab his nose with her serving tongs. She eventually backs down and apologizes and others him an extra black and white bar.

He is in seventh grade as revealed in Can't Buy Me Math, where he won the seventh/eighth grade cupids couple competition the year before dating Tracy Schwartz. After the event he was able to go out with just about anyone he pleased, he went with eighth grade Jenny Testa. This serves as a catalyst for Darryl as he, a seventh grader is aiming to eventually date Rosa Batista if he and Tina win.

In Lice Things Are Lice he is one of the students called into a quarantine by Nurse Liz after being photographed along with Tammy who was thought to have had lice.

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