Bob's Burgers character
Meryl Winters
Gender Female
Hair White
Occupation Retired
Relatives Joel Glassman (grandnephew)
Behind the scenes
First "Secret Admiral-irer"
Voiced by Cloris Leachman
Meryl Winters is a resident at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home who Tina visits in "Secret Admiral-irer."

While reading out her mail, Tina reads a letter from a retired navy admiral, Peter Wilcox, asking Meryl for a dance that he never asked her for sixty years ago. After not wanting to write back, Tina writes a letter to him posing as her replying positively to his request. They receive a reply but later Louise believes that the letter is fake and that the admiral doesn't actually exist as Joel, her grandnephew, supposedly steals her pearl necklace that the letter requests that she wears after getting them out from storage, strongly implying that Joel himself penned the letter. This is proven to be false when Wilcox actually shows up at the dance after the kids disguise Bob as an admiral and the necklace was revealed to have been in her purse the entire time.


Her grandnephew is Joel Glassman who extorts money from her by pretending it's his birthday every week so he gets a check from her. It's possible that he is doing it to get money for drugs.