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Bob's Burgers character
Logan Bush
Logan Bush
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Occupation Student at Huxley High School
Relatives Cynthia Bush (mother)

Tom Bush (father)

Behind the scenes
First "Ear-sy Rider"
Voiced by Kurt Braunohler

Logan Barry Bush is a student at Huxley High School who is Louise's arch-enemy.


He is shown to like skateboarding and chilling out with his friends Scotty and Jacob. He became really popular after he started wearing Louise's bunny ears around school after stealing them from her. After the One Eyed Snakes biker gang threatens to cut his ears, he gave Louise her hat back. In the end, he and Louise become friends.

He next appears in Mother Daughter Laser Razor after he calls his mother 'the B-word' and is taken to Dakota's mother daughter healing seminar as there are no other suitable seminars available. Linda and Louise also attend. After getting locked in the uteroom with Louise, they break out and run away to Lasers and Gentlemen to play laser tag with the other girls attending the seminar. In the end he is seen playing laser tag against his mom.

He made a non-speaking appearance in World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part II) during the 'Bad Things are Bad' musical number playing skee bowl at Family Funtime.

In Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob & Louise, he his working in the community garden where Cynthia is the gardenmaster. Bob agrees to hire Logan as an unpaid intern after telling Cynthia that his restaurant is an example of the sort of place she wants him working. This angers Louise and causes her to quit. After Bob realizes how selfish he has been, he allows Louise to fire him.

He will appear again in Large Brother, Where Fart Thou? (A.K.A. Logan's Run).


Logan has blonde hair like his mother and wears a red shirt with white long sleeves that are sewn on to the insides of the short sleeves of the red shirt, brown pants and black shoes. In Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob & Louise, he wears a similar shirt that is orange and blue pants.


  • Logan attends Huxley High School, it is implied that he is a senior there as in Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise Cynthia is trying to get him into a college prep summer program.
  • Logan's full name is a play on words, being Logan, Berry, Bush named after the Loganberry. His mother, Cynthia claims that she and Tom "didn't think it through" when asked.


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