Bob's Burgers character
Nurse Liz
Gender Female
Hair Orange
Occupation Wagstaff School Nurse
Behind the scenes
First "Lice Things Are Lice"
Voiced by Samantha Bee

Liz (more commonly known as Nurse Liz) is the school nurse at Wagstaff School.

She first appears in "Lice Things Are Lice" where she is new to the school, seemingly replacing a school nurse who was previously seen in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News." Tina assists her in order to get her Thundergirls nursing patch. After noticing Tammy scratching her head, she quickly diagnoses her with having head lice as well as all the other students who had tried on her hat or had a selfie taken with her, Mr. Frond too. She keeps them in quarantine in her office.

Later it is revealed that she had pretended that Tammy's scalp itching was head lice because she couldn't see it due to her leaving her glasses at home and so pretended it was lice so she would be happily doing her job as a nurse taking control of an outbreak of a disease which is what she dreamed of.

In "Ex MachTina", she sees Tina after she sprains her ankle.


Nurse Liz wears a lavender shirt with flowers and lavender pants. She has red hair with a blue scrunchie in it. Later, in "Lice Things Are Lice", she shaves her hair and eyebrows off after believing she has been infected with head lice when Louise removes the glove protecting her head from the supposed head lice and pushes the thought-to-have-been patient zero Tammy into her. By "Ex MachTina", her hair had grown back to how it was before. She is also said to wear glasses but they are not seen in either episode.


  • She is the second character on the show to be voiced by Samantha Bee, the first being Pam in "Beefsquatch" and "Family Fracas."
  • Became a school nurse because no hospital would hire her.
  • She is the first character introduced in Season 6 to make a second speaking appearance in the show.


Season 6

Season 7


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