The following is a list of obtainable badges on the wiki.

Number of Edits Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-edit-0 "Bob's Slobbery Kiss"
Awarded for making your first edit on an article.
90px-Badge-edit-1 "Carrying Bob's Urine Can"
Awarded for making five edits on the articles.
90px-Badge-edit-2 "Chalk"
Awarded for making ten edits on the articles.
90px-Badge-edit-3 "Louise Belcher"
Awarded for making twenty-five edits on the articles.
90px-Badge-edit-4 "Gene Belcher"
Awarded for making fifty edits on the articles.
90px-Badge-edit-5 "Tina Belcher"
Awarded for making one hundred edits on the articles.
90px-Badge-edit-6 "Linda Belcher"
Awarded for making two hundred and fifty edits on articles.
90px-Badge-edit-7 "Bob Belcher"
Awarded for making five hundred edits on articles.

Number of Pictures Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-picture-0 "Touristy Crap"
Awarded for adding your first picture to an article.
90px-Badge-picture-1 "A Robot Ninja Fighting a Vampire Tape Recorder at Stonehenge"
Awarded for adding five pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-2 "Dr. Yap in the Nude"
Awarded for adding ten pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-3 "Chairperson of the Art Crawl"
Awarded for adding twenty-five pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-4 "Gayle"
Awarded for adding fifty pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-5 "Anus on a Lighthouse"
Awarded for adding fifty pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-6 "Burger of the Day Writer"
Awarded for adding fifty pictures to articles.
90px-Badge-picture-7 "Beefartist"
Awarded for adding fifty pictures to articles.

Number of Added Categories Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-category-0 "Treasure Seeker"
Awarded for adding your first article to a category.
90px-Badge-category-1 "Food Trucker"
Awarded for adding five articles to categories.
90px-Badge-category-2 "Beetle Collector"
Awarded for adding ten articles to categories.
90px-Badge-category-3 "Banjo Collector"
Awarded for adding twenty-five articles to categories.
90px-Badge-category-4 "Food Safety Thermometer"
Awarded for adding fifty articles to categories.
90px-Badge-category-5 "Teddy"
Awarded for adding one hundred articles to categories.
90px-Badge-category-6 "Meatsiah"
Awarded for adding two hundred and fifty articles to categories.

Blog Post Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-blogpost-0 "First Break"
Awarded for writing your first blog post.

Number of Blog Comments Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-blogcomment-0 "Coochie Copie Nightlight"
Awarded for writing a comment on three different blog posts.
90px-Badge-blogcomment-1 "Vicious Food Critic"
Awarded for writing a comment on ten different blog posts.

Consecutive Number of Editing Days Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-love-0 "Yellow Gloves"
Awarded for editing five days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-1 "Yellow Cordão"
Awarded for editing fourteen days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-2 "Grand Marshall of Lobsterfest"
Awarded for editing thirty days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-3 "Health Inspector"
Awarded for editing sixty days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-4 "Officers Julia and Cliffany"
Awarded for editing one hundred days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-5 "Sergeant Bosco"
Awarded for editing two hundred days consecutively.
90px-Badge-love-6 "Burgerboss!"
Awarded for editing three hundred and sixty-five days consecutively.

Special Achievements

Screenshot Title
90px-Badge-welcome "Free Samples"
Awarded for your first activity on the wiki.
90px-Badge-introduction "Introduction"
Awarded for adding to your own user page.
90px-Badge-sayhi "Drive Through"
Awarded for leaving a message on someone else's talk page.
90px-Badge-creator "The Eccentric Landlord"
Awarded for creating the wiki.

Secret Achievements

Screenshot Title
Pounce "The Lost Belcher Child"
Awarded for making one hundred edits on a single article within an hour of its creation. (Note: The picture is currently being rendered)
90px-Badge-caffeinated "Caffeinated"
Awarded for making one hundred edits on articles in one day.
90px-Badge-luckyedit "Taff's Gold!"
Awarded for making the luck thousandth edit.

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